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how to make your solo backpacking trip safer


Solo backpacking means quiet and peace, No one to speak to equals no words are put between you and the beauty surrounding you, the kilometers just flow. 
It’s entirely up to you to say when you take a break or to eat, Want to walk in that desert? It’s your decision, It’s a very different experience.

A solo backpacker is also a human being, twist your ankle, and there’s nobody there to help you. 

How can you make your solo backpacking trip safe? the answer is, you can’t.

What you can do though, is make it safer.

Imzi created this infographic, to show you how to make your solo backpacking trip safer :




there is a lot of danger in solo backpacking, but for some, it’s well worth the price. 
feel free to try solo backpacking, just be sure to take the necessary precautions.

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