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Imzi’s Nomads : the complete list of winners

The good thing about being a traveling nomad boils down to one key component, its about the travel !

For those of us who love moving around and seeing the world, travelling is the profession of our dreams.

There are many travel destinations available, and as the internet expands and more and more sites are being created finding a good travelling blog is very essential.

we gathered a list of people interested in travel who share their experiences with others, and at IMZI we are more than happy to call these people our nomads:




Description : an internationally published travel writer and photographer who has travelled to 75+ countries.

Website : travelingmitch.com


The Thought Card


Description : The Go-To Destination For Financially Savvy Travelers.

Website : thoughtcard.com


The Sweet Wanderlust


Description : a scuba diving, bungy-jumping, ice cream addict who’s caught the travel bug in a big way!

Website : thesweetwanderlust.com


Tin Box Traveller


Description : UK family travel blog.

Website : tinboxtraveller.co.uk


The Wayward Home


Description : visit The Wayward Home to learn about van life, RV living, liveaboard sailing, digital nomads, and tiny homes.

Website : thewaywardhome.com


Stylish Traveler


Description : Adrianna is hoping to inspire you to explore the world and beauty around you via her photos.

Website : stylishtravlr.com


My Heart of Mexico


Description : Life, food, and family Mexican style.

Website : myheartofmexico.wordpress.com


The Travelling Slacker


Description : Follow The Travelling Slacker in his journey in india.

Website : travellingslacker.com


The Viking Abroad


Description : Vibeke is a travel blogger and a photographer from Norway.

Website : thevikingabroad.com


7 Continents 1 Passport


Description : Join 7 Continents 1 Passport and be entertained with travel stories, stunning pictures and funny videos, interesting articles and helpful tips.

Website : 7continents1passport.com


Luggage and Lipstick


Description : award-winning travel guide for baby boomers

Website : luggageandlipstick.com




Description : A Trawellblogger's Guide To Explore Life!!

Website : trawellblogging.com


Wanderlust Chloe


Description : A top UK travel blog for lovers of adventure, food, luxury and more

Website : wanderlustchloe.com


The Gypsy Nesters


Description : Travel Food Laughter Celebrate Life After Kids!

Website : gypsynester.com


Crazy Family Adventure


Description : a family of 6 plus a dog who sold everything, bought an RV and have been traveling full-time around North America since May 2014.

Website : crazyfamilyadventure.com


Long Distance Hiker


Description : a blog about hiking and snowboarding.

Website : longdistancehiker.com


The Planet D


Description : Adventure is for Everyone!

Website : theplanetd.com


Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants


Description : Mallory is exploring her country, so take some time to read her blog posts.

Website : plaidshirtyogapants.com


Iva Says


Description : Explore, Experience, Enjoy.

Website : ivasays.com


Indie Travel Podcast


Description : Craig and Linda have been travelling around the world since 2006.

Website : indietravelpodcast.com


Lola Akinmade


Description : Exploring culture through food, tradition, and lifestyles…

Website : lolaakinmade.com


Finding The Universe


Description : Laurence and Jessica are slowly exploring the world.

Website : findingtheuniverse.com


Stephanie Rumore


Description : a Sydney girl who loves to travel and gain a better understanding of the world and the wonderful people in it.

Website : stephanierumore.com


Hill-Walking For The Over 60's


Description : Glyn Dodwell has walked all over the UK, Europe & Middle East, particularly in Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Cumbria.

Website : longdistancehiker.com


Best Hike


Description : Best hikes, treks, tramps in the world.

Website : besthike.com


Inner Compass Blog


Description : The mission of this blog is to connect people to nature through personal growth and inclusive outdoors

Website : innercompassblog.com


Bridge Of Memories


Description : Bridge Of Memories takes you on a personal journey through travelling.

Website : bridgeofmemories.co.uk


Our 21st Century Odyssey


Description : Come wander with us.

Website : our21stcenturyodyssey.com


The Professional Hobo


Description : Traveling full-time in a financially sustainable way.

Website : theprofessionalhobo.com


The Life Of A Social Butterfly


Description : Lifestyle Blog about a Milton Keynes Blogger with a passion for affordable luxury travel and unique food experiences.

Website : thelifeofasocialbutterfly.co.uk


The Intrepid Guide


Description : Language Guides & Travel Tips from Around the World

Website : theintrepidguide.com




Description : Fathom celebrates all the reasons why we pack our bags, get on a plane, hitch a ride, and explore beyond our backyards.

Website : fathomaway.com


Dalene Ekirapa


Description : see what Dalene has to say about travel in the travel section of her blog.

Website : daleneekirapa.com


Clever Hiker


Description : Lightweight Backpacking Tutorial Videos & Gear Guides

Website : cleverhiker.com


Kristine's Blog


Description : the travel section of kristine's blog is a A Mum Reviews on Travel.

Website : kristinesblog.com


Camping for Women


Description : The global resource for outdoor women adventurers

Website : campingforwomen.com


The Stay Sane Mom


Description : passionate about Family & Travel ? see what Liz has to say.

Website : thestaysanemom.com


Currently Wandering


Description : Outdoor Family, Adventure Travel, Simple Living - Family of 5 Traveling the United States in an Airstream.

Website : currentlywandering.com


Wander With Jo


Description : jo is a wanderer in search of new places and exciting adventures.

Website : currentlywandering.com


Heather On Her Travels


Description : Authentic travel with a little luxury.

Website : heatheronhertravels.com


Life in a Break Down


Description : if you like travel then you should probably read The Travel & Days Out section of the blog.

Website : lifeinabreakdown.com


Five Little Doves


Description : Raising awareness whilst raising rainbows.

Website : fivelittledoves.com


Congratulations !


a warm congratulations to all the winners, you deserve this award! and thank you all for your contribution to the world of travel.

if your blog has been featured in this post please contact us and we will provide you with the badge, so you can share it with your readers.

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