Getting a car rental in San Jose from $20/day is simple when you know the right rental locations in Costa Rica to use. These rental locations come with many vehicle models which can be hired for as cheap as $20 per day.

When in San Jose, you have to consider your budget when leasing vehicles because you still have other things to spend money on. However, Jumbocar rental has you covered as you can get a cheaper car as fast as possible.

Getting a cheap car rental in San Jose

San Jose is a beautiful city which is home to many landmark sites. The aim of some tourists is how to getcar rentals in san jose from $20/day in the country. This is possible, but you will need to make bookings online.

Indeed, online bookies are cheaper than when you visit physical locations. Car rental agencies in San Jose like Jumbocar have some of the best services online where people can get easy and the best deals on all car hire.

Adress : Río Segundo, Alajuela Province, Alajuela, 20109, Costa Rica

Benefits of hiring a car in San Jose

When in San Jose, there are many locations to visit. While you can take the public buses and cabs, they aren’t regular. Time is an important factor when moving due to traffic. So, renting a car in San Jose is your best deal because it offers flexibility.

Moreover, for solo travelers who want to visit places without a company, getting a cheap car rental service for $20/day is their best bet. Furthermore, renting a car assures tourists of being comfortable than when using public rides and transport. When you get a sedan or land cruiser, you will feel more in control and make better road decisions.

Also, the rainy seasons are here, and you would need a personal car to move about your business without fear. Getting the 3WD or 4WD becomes crucial to move on slippery roads.

Information about using the San Jose car rentals

San Jose is a popular destination for many tourists all over the world. This is a place where you can relax at resorts, sandy beaches and visit malls. There are many places you can go which include Santa Maria beach, playa Palmilla and the art Center.

Safety should be of your concern when you are in the city, so avoid walking at night. While the city boasts of a good security network, self-security shouldn’t be dismissed.

Also, when picking vehicles to rent in San Jose, consider your pocket and the places you need to visit. While some cars are great for normal routes, when you are going to unpaved destinations, you should consider renting a 4X4. They are strong, big and great for all roads.

There are easy and cheap places where you can park your cars in San Jose. Don’t be too concerned about that because the city is very organized.

Your best bet when in the country is selecting car rentals in San Jose that have reasonable fees. There are rates as cheap as $20 per day. However, for more exotic, big and better equipped cars, the costs are higher.