The Var region is a place where French Rivera and Provence meet. Its capital is in Toulon which is the commercial center of the region. The region covers about 500 km of the Mediterraneo Sea and is the third most forested region in France. This area of ​​France alternates between transparent beaches, coves and islands in a well-guarded area. If you love what you are reading, get more information about this amazing region.

Where to stay in Var?

There are many exciting places where you can find an accommodation in the Var region, here are good suggestions.

Manor of Jonquiere

This is a cozy location near the hills of the seillans. It’s a very spacious and has basic facilities that can make you and your family comfortable. Pool and butler services available, you could also get a good view around the region.

Aix en Provence

In addition to the name of this destination, you will need to know more about it. The most important factor to note is that Aix en Provence is a very calm place around the woods of Cours Mirabeau. Surrounded by hills, it is a good location to drive your motorbikes. There are exclusive room services, fast internet, and cable TV.

The Farm Pavilion

This place is located on the hills of Bargemon and will be a good location for those who want to feel the warmth of nature. Good interior decorations in the rooms and their drinks are very affordable.

The Villa Andrea

Do you want a location that offers trendy and traditional room? Then this place is for you. It is close to St Tropez, near Ramatuelle. Also, there are 23 well-furnished rooms at this location.

What to Do in Var?

What you do in Var depends entirely on you. There are many fantastic beaches, where visitors can relax and go for a tan. Tourists who love privacy and want a peaceful experience can walk along the seaside.

Some amazing beaches you can visit include the St-Tropez peninsula which is amazing for skiing and sunbathing. Mountain walkers can visit Massif des Maures and Mountain of Lachens, which is an iconic location in the region.

For those interested in wildlife, there are different species of birds along the mountain ridge. Finally, for the adventurous personality, you can paraglide from the various mountains that span the region.

What is the best time to visit Var?

The Var region can be visited at any time of the year; here are the best times to visit this region.


December through February is regarded as the winter period in the region. This is the best time to explore the towns and villages. During this period, you can visit the regional natural park and the Alpilles in Bouches du Rhone.


Spring in the Var is beautiful and cozy from March till May. The low temperature during this period is right for lunch in many motels and resorts along the region. You could also visit Camargue and St. Victoria.


From June to August is the hottest time in this region. This is the best time to visit the Mountain of Lachens.


This is the wettest time in the region where you can visit the Alps for a good photo shoot. It is also the best time to visit the coast of the Bouches du Rhone.

Var region is one of the prettiest regions in France, great hills and cool beaches; visit today.