There are several different destinations in the world to visit and experience. And it is great to go on vacations where you feel like relaxing and staying calm. But everyone needs to experience active travel at least once. The excitement of seeking adventure gets your adrenalin rushing. So, you have chosen to go on an adventurous trip, but you are not sure where. 

This article will list the top adventurous travel destinations for you to choose from. 


Guatemala is popular for its history and beautiful scenic views. It also has multiple adventure activities for anyone who wants to visit and have an active travel experience. With over thirty volcanoes in the country, you can hike up to enjoy the high views with inexpensive local guides. A few miles away from Antigua near Guatemala city lie the breathtaking black sand beaches. These look as good as they sound. Full of sea turtles and other worth-watching wildlife, you can take boat rides to get away from city life for a while. 


Crave a scenic sweat-worthy hike and trek around the glaciers for a few days? Chile is the option for you. With over five hundred volcanic peaks, the country offers so much for tourists. You can also sandboard in the Atacama desert for some more fun. 


From skiing and snowboarding to biking on the Segway. Austria may have tons of snow covering most of the place, but that does not mean you won’t have fun. If you are feeling extra daring, try climbing a snow-covered wall. 


So many places to visit and so little time. Just remember, doing your research before traveling is the best advice. Having fun is next. This list should be plenty of help to you if you are considering making the most out of your next trip, whether you are alone or with your loved ones!